Wednesday, May 14, 2008

themes in death metal

Great article here- care of alex balk

"We understand why so feeble a culture hates true art," Nietzche wrote in The Birth of Tragedy. "It fears destruction thereby." The feeble can have their pretty, polished strains. I'll take apotheosis and guided tours of hell over that any day.

I sorta imagine these death metal guys being like hockey players, whose jobs are so violent (real or perceived), that when they get home, they just want to cuddle. They're not looking for the wife to be coming at them down a hallway with a hockey stick and having to forearm check her into the pantry doors. I could be wrong. That said- It's kinda hard to imagine the death groupy getting all excited about jumping on one these guys tour buses. Course- I think the death groupy scene is mostly dudes, so deuece creepy.

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