Thursday, May 9, 2013

my coffee plant

I bought this at Home Depot when I first moved back to Chicago. It was tiny and adorable. Spindly stalks with gorgeous broad leaves as a canopy. It took like 3 years before it grew over 20". It's now 5' tall and is an amazingly sturdy beast. When I'll get coffee beans I have no idea. I have no clue how this plant works.

This is my hi-tech watering system when I leave for weekends. It took hours of tweaking to get the water flow just right.
In this pic you can see my new baby Ethiopian coffee plant growing next to the water bottle. This one is only a few years old and it actually took a year before the seeds sprouted. It's about 20" tall now and only has two stalks.

These are the Peruvian peppers I grow underneath her. They're tiny but wicked hot.