Friday, January 30, 2009

I can't tell you the boner


nuff said...

Lifted from e.e.c

notes from a shower

(Scene- Heavens check in desk)
Desk Clerk: "Sir, you can't smoke up here."
Me: "Sorry (puts cigarette out)."
Me: "You guys must have like really high speed internet up here?"
Desk Clerk: "Actually, there's no internet up here."
Me: "Huh, drag, You get all the cable channels though right?"
Desk Clerk: "No (laughs), there's no television up here. (pause) They have that stuff in Hell though."
Me: "Seriously (looks at shoes)? Did you check me in yet...""

shelley duval

via Vanity Factory

People used to tell Renee she looked like Shelley Duval (which she was luke warm to).
Unironically, I always had a Shelley Duval crush. Go figure.
If I didn't shave, I would get Mickey Rourke (ala 9 1/2 weeks) or uhg, Barry Manilow.
I did not win the 'looks like' sweepstakes.
Together people said we were just like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (we did match the age diff).

When you get older though (like now), people don't say if you look like anyone. Bet Renee would kill for a Shelley Duval right now. Hell, I'd even take a Barry Manillow at this point- when he was hot!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I bought a new tooth yesterday.
Now, if only I could trade an extra chin and a couple moobs for:
Some new hair.
Some new eyeballs.
Fresh stomach lining.
New liver.
Knee cartilage.
Couple billion brain cells.
3 Lingual/Alveolar nerves.

I could then state on my on-line profile (if I had)-
Lovingly restored to 1976 condition.
A pleasure to drive.

bozo puters

Ron [8:38 AM]:
I just sent you an email about an HRS problem
Matt [8:38 AM]:
Ron [8:39 AM]:
I think HRS hates me.
Matt [8:42 AM]:
can't they just do 1 part for the whole amount
Matt [8:46 AM]:
run that thru the bozo puter now
Ron [8:47 AM]:
cookie says it worked.
Matt [8:47 AM]:
mr wizzo is happy
Ron [8:47 AM]:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

funeral for a friend

When we were about 17 and partying in cars my friend had this Camaro and
every night at somepoint he had to put his Elton John cassette in and play this song.
It's not as gay as it sounds.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fulton market in winter

Looking West from my window. Fulton Market can be pretty cool looking when it snows. After a few weeks or months and that snow finally melts, that's when you realize you might just live in the ass of the city. I don't think there is a more filthy place.

f the eu gas shortage

This is the PM of Ukraine (Yulia Tymoshenko). She looks like she just got back from some LARPing in the Yalta Mountains.
And I do LIKE the LARPer look especially when it's done right (model blogger jenna below).

Friday, January 9, 2009

eames shell chairs

Remember whe you walked into class in Jr High and there was a projector in the room and you were like 'cool, a movie'. Well sit back and enjoy. This is one of those but better.