Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i love breathing

M: in my matches email 11:39 AM
M: 31 year old woman from Chicago, Illinois.
"And wondering when I get to meet my beloved...
I feel him getting closer to me...
I love dancing, touching, being, practicing yoga,
being creative, listening, breathing, opening,
connecting and lovin ..." 11:39 AM

M: I LOVE breathing 11:40 AM
M: and feeling blood course through my veins 11:41 AM
M: and blinking 11:41 AM
M: picking things up with my opposable thumb thing 11:42 AM
M: I love gravity 11:43 AM
M: and molecules 11:43 AM
M: need to update my profile with those 11:44 AM

country roads take me home

I love when she starts dancing a bit at the end, and yes, I am a total sap and closet John Denver fan.

how to survive a riot

Be prepared. If you know an area is ripe for a riot but you can't avoid traveling there, take some simple precautions to help protect yourself. Wear clothes that minimize the amount of exposed skin--long pants and long-sleeve shirts, for instance--when going out, and think about your possible escape routes and safe havens before anything actually happens. Carry some cash with you in case you need to quickly arrange transportation, pay off looters, or bribe police at a checkpoint. If you're traveling abroad, register with your country's consulate and carry your passport and/or visa with you at all times.

Monday, April 28, 2008

me likes

Homing from Work

Using work time and resources for personal tasks.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

cat found

Think this is the original guy?

shark! fuck

6:30am FREE: Ocean Swim Solana Beach When? Fri, Apr 25, 6:30am – 8:00am
Where? Solana Beach, Fletcher's Cove
Description :: Ocean Swim - Solana Beach :: OCEAN SWIM – SOLANA BEACH Swim starts every Friday at 6:30 AM. Meet in the parking lot of Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach.
Breakfast afterwards (unless you are breakfast). DATE: Every Friday Morning LOCATION: Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach; 300 West Plaza Way. DIRECTIONS: Interstate 5 to Lomas Santa Fe Exit. Go west to ocean and park. CONTACT: Amanda Remember, with all workouts, please train at your own pace and ability.
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In this surfing book I just read 'In Search of Captain Zero' the author talks about that possibly being man's greatest fear- the fear of being eaten alive.
I can totally see that because not only is it one of the most painfull ways to die and somewhat slow and terrifying but, to top it off you're totally getting pawned by another animal. That's like the ultimate fail. And- as in this case, the shark didn't even want a 66 year old 'burly' guy. It was expecting a much sweeter tasting seal and not an old sour guy making his death even more pointless (a triathlon being one of the more useless undertakings a person could be doing). Sharks are essentially looking for a dark shadow above them roughly the same size and shape of a seal and when they spot one they come straight up from the bottom and slam into it. Kinda like if someone took a grocery cart and put a two and a half foot wide bear trap with razor jaws on the front and 3,000 lbs of groceries in the back and had a 20 yard start to get it up to speed before it rammed into you.
Here's my tip to surfers and triathletes and anyone else that needs a wet suit. A black wetsuit is basically a 'seal' costume and it might as well come with whiskers. I know the black suit is cool looking and makes you look very svelt- but seriously, if the tags said shark lure on it would you buy it?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

food riot

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,926 for food riot.
(google news)

It was around 2,400 last week.

(needs work)

funeral songs

that explains everything

M: not sure my head is shaped regular enough for that
D: for bald?
M: yeah
M: fell on my head in kindergarten

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

zulu playset

Your kid definitely needs one of these.
And you're a cheap bastard if you don't get the chapel with storehouse and the hospital.


Did you call me sweetheart (sweatyfuck) in the bathroom at work - m4m (Wacker/Madison)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-15, 7:13PM CDT

I am sure I did not hear correctly, but I could have sworen at a little after ten this morning (and five cups of coffee, 4 cigarrettes and the 'lumberjack' breakfeast at Lou Mitchels) we were both in the restroom. You came in from one direction, me the other. We(e!) you saw me, I thought for sure you called me sweetheart (sweatyfuck). You spoke very softly, so I could not be sure. I just said hi, went about my business (I do peoples taxes in the third stall) and went out the door you came in.

If you really did call me sweetheart (sweatyfuck), and are interested, let me know. I am fairly new on your floor at work, since the first of the year for me. You are one handsome man, without a doubt. Again, if you are interested, let me know. Call me sweetheart (butchy boy) when you see me, or give me a wink (flip me off), or just say yes (fuckoff). I will know what that means. Or just repsond here

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

little bugs (i want)

I've been contemplating actual camping (which I've NEVER done).
I'm pretty amazed by the new CAD designed tents though. They look like strange lunar bugs. This is the Marmot Aelos 2P in Terra Cotta/Pumkin.

Friday, April 4, 2008

heather quit today

did I tell you Heather touched my leg at the summit during a meeting
and I jumped
she was telling me I had nice kegs
I have GREAT kegs
anyway- it was slightly embarrassing
my over-react
I had to explain no one has touched my keg in years
did it again
heather quit today

enrico fratesi + stine gam

Looking for chair inspiration- I love how empty chairs take on a social dynamic.
These are the 'cartoon' easy chair by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi (Stockholm Furniture Fair 08).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

pool of blood came out with their 'Worlds Sexiest Pools' list and nothing says sexy like a blood red pool.
This is the Hotel Murano Oriental in Marrakesh, Morocco. Thier website plays an INSANE techno version of Hello Dolly which makes about as much sense as a red tiled pool.
Sidenote- I once painted some patio ceramic floor tiles for a client with a similar crimson red/flesh combo and it looked as scary and lasted until just after the husband came home and declared 'the patio looks like a New Orleans whorehouse'.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

royal enfield

I've decided on my bike for my future travels. You see these all over India were they are manufactured. I'd like to buy a real Indian one (like 1965) and have it shipped but, that appears to involve a lot of logistics and luck. This is a 99 Bullet 500 although they all look pretty similar. They don't really update the models much and you can buy new parts for all the older models. My little brother (who rides motorcross at 40) told me I need a single cylinder bike for a long road trip to cut down on problems with multiple cylinders and carbs. I wonder if that seat is bony ass friendly

noble st grill

Was driving around with my brother in East Ukrainian Village when I saw Noble St. and told my him to pull around and down the alley. Sure enough, the grill I built was still standing (16 years!). Sorta tempted to go back and clean and tuckpoint it. The door must've fallen off years ago. Cooked a lot of pizza in that thing. Looks like the new tenants were cooking cattle or something.