Monday, June 29, 2009

the next big thing

Designers/programmers please read (chicagoland)

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Date: 2009-06-29, 9:01AM CDT

I have what I believe is the next big thing with all these social networking sites. I understand the trend and see the future. I have a can't miss idea that I need help to develop. I have all the basics down and need help to build it. This would be the type of site that a major company would buy for alot of money. If your capable and want to hear what I have come up with and then decide for yourself, please leave me contact information.
I am willing to develop a partnership with the right people.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have this tic.
When I'm dealing with service people and I ask for something my brain does a weird shorthand for 'thank you'. I actually state my request with a closing wink.
"Can I get that double bagged?" ...wink.
"could you give me the check?" ...wink.
I know this is weird but, at this point it's very hard to break and IT IS effective.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sartorial conundrums

Q: I’ve been eyeing a Greek fisherman’s cap for a while, but I’m worried it’ll look silly. Is it possible to wear one without looking like a Greek fisherman?

A: If you’re a poet, a photographer, or a choreographer, people expect you to demonstrate a certain peculiarity. You can smoke a pipe or roll your own. You can wear a scarf in fair weather. You can sport a walking stick or wear Mongolian wrestler boots or a dashiki. Or you can resort to bohemian headgear, which does the job even in California, where one is often seen in a car and so “flair” items work best when visible from the shoulders up. The Greek fisherman’s cap is more casual than a bowler, conjures less scary associations than a Bavarian alpine hat, and looks less silly than a tam. And of course, there was no Greek fisherman in the Village People. Can you pull it off? If you try one and look like Harry Potter incognito, you might need to add several days of beard and an Isle of Skye sweater, huaraches, or other oddish accessories for street cred.

Actually- the correct answer is NO. Unless there is a net in your hand you cannot wear a greek fishermans hat. Also NO, you CAN'T wear a scarf, HR Puffinstuff stole that right a LONG time ago and Harry Potter cemented it (unless you're Johnny Depp!).
Also unacceptable:
Leg warmers (on anybody).
Cute rainboots (on anybody).
Layered undershirts.
A pipe.
Shoes that have toes that curl.
Big sunglasses (unless you are Aristotle Onasis!).
White pants (unless you are Bing Crosby or drunk).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

kill myself now

Sometimes I get really bored, and I've read most of the internet.
So, I do something lame like visit 'Classmates' to see if anyone from the class of 82' has cured cancer or anything.

Anyway- they have this list up (which I'm sure they have for everyone).
"The Soundtrack for the Class of 82'".
Which is this list of music I"VE NEVER SEEN IN MY LIFE:

`65 Love Affair
Paul Davis
867-5309 (Jenny)
Tommy Tutone
Steve Miller Band
Always On My Mind
Willie Nelson
Caught Up In You
38 Special
J. Geils Band
Chariots Of Fire
Cool Night
Paul Davis
Do You Believe In Love
Huey Lewis and The News
Don`t Talk To Strangers
Rick Springfield
Don`t You Want M
Human League
Ebony And Ivory
Paul McCartney and Stevie...
Even The Nights Are Bette...
Air Supply
Eye In The Sky
Alan Parsons Project
Eye Of The Tiger
J. Geils Band
Hard To Say I`m Sorry
Harden My Heart
Heat Of The Moment
Hold Me
Fleetwood Mac
Hooked On Classics
Royal Philharmonic Orches...
Hurts So Good
John Cougar
I Can`t Go For That
Daryl Hall and John Oates
I Love Rock N` Roll
Joan Jett and The Blackhe...
I`ve Never Been To Me
Jack And Diane
John Cougar
Keep The Fire Burnin`
REO Speedwagon
Key Largo
Bertie Higgins
Leader Of The Band
Dan Fogelberg
Leather And Lace
Stevie Nicks and Don Henl...
Let It Whip
Dazz Band
Let`s Groove
Earth, Wind and Fire
Love In The First Degree
Love Is In Control
Donna Summer
Love`s Been A Little Bit ...
Juice Newton
Making Love
Roberta Flack
Only The Lonely
Open Arms
Pac-man Fever
Buckner and Garcia
Karla Bonoff
Olivia Newton-John
Private Eyes
Daryl Hall and John Oates
Shake It Up
Sweet Dreams
Air Supply
Tainted Love
Soft Cell
Take It Easy On Me
Little River Band
That Girl
Stevie Wonder
The Other Woman
Ray Parker Jr.
The Sweetest Thing
Juice Newton
Think I`m In Love
Eddie Money
Lindsey Buckingham
Turn Your Love Around
George Benson
Waiting For A Girl Like Y...
Wasted On The Way
Crosby, Stills and Nash
We Got The Beat
Who Can It Be Now?
Men At Work
Why Do Fools Fall In Love...
Diana Ross
You Should Hear How She T...
Melissa Manchester
Young Turks
Rod Stewart

here we go magic - fangela

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lake street blues

Most days I walk my dog on Lake street. It may be more familiar to everyone else as every car scene in every bat man movie. The reality is more mundane. It's a really loud street (L-train!). I cannot take calls when I walk my dog (if I got calls). It's also a favorite street for taggers which, I find pretty annoying. Not that I own property around here but, losers with acid markers and spray cans basically fucking up the local flavor is really annoying. But, this is not my point. The wierdest thing about Lake street is the death knell it is for speeding cars. About once every few weeks, I'll see the remnants of a tragic car accident. Everything (well, MOSTLY the car) is cleaned up by then but the subtle clues of a car hitting an I beam or, luckily just missing an I beam (which by the way typically splits your car in half) and hitting the obligatory wall just beyond, are still there for you to stand around and ponder. So, Zoe gets to poop while I measure tire skid marks and think about the more pressing aspects of living on this planet.

Which is all mote- because when I mention this to my friend Dawn, (the latest insane accident I'm investigating) she sends this (note- Dawn is great photog and this should not count agianst her record). Who wipes out a car on Lake Shore Drive like that???

anxiety tribe

A long time ago I registered at this site because, YES I have anxiety and I was curious who else would be on a site like that (people with cats?).
Now I get email messages once in blue moon that say "You have a new message from love20".
Which, when I go to the site there is NO message from 'love20'???
This causes much anxiety (not really).
It is annoying though.
Not as annoying as 'whendoesthefuckingstart' not actually having a message for me...