Friday, March 26, 2010


i was mostly kidding
there are some cool looking spaces west of you though
wish it wasn't so sketchy at night

it's sketchy all day west of western

yes, but west of western day time i can see when shit is coming my way
whether i can do something about or not ... different story

you are only safe wearing the garbage can costume
the dice costume won't work

i think cylindrical is a better look for me anyhow

Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring fashion

Trying to decide if these are cool...

Maybe? If I have a gun and I'm Steve McQueen.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

laura veirs - july flame

Her voice is so clear it hurts.

extremity alert

Last night I did that thing where you roll over in your sleep and crush your arm for an hour or so. I was DEEP into some rem's and then suddenly popped awake for an extremity check.
Sure enough, I had lost all feeling in my arm. So, I picked it up and laid it across my stomach and waited for some blood to flow back in. It appears my limb checking algo's are all functioning correctly and no adjustments are needed. I'll run a scan later today just to be sure.

Monday, March 15, 2010


There's something about holding a new book in your hands that I don't think will ever be replaced. You also lose the ability to make quality snap judgments on people via a cursory glance at their shelves. Whenever I do an artist walk I like to snoop two things- the kitchen spice rack and the bookshelves. That tells me all I need to know.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

hipster tea party

Possibly the most annoying fashion shoot ever.
warning- includes photos of men knitting and cutting cheese with pocket knives.

People who wear fingerless gloves indoors and are not counting money in a meat locker should be dragged through the streets by a bike messenger.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


bulgarian dude: can you do tracert and email the results.
me: why can't you do a tracert?
bulgarian dude: I'm in my car right now.
me: can't you do a car tracert?
bulgarian dude: ... ... ...
bulgarian dude: ha
bulgarian dude: for a minute there I was confused.

space odyssey - persephonic

I talked to a dude today. He didn't really have a card for a manager or anyone and said the place is run pretty casual. He said come by in the morning and there would be a gm(?) around. I said- "you guys are slow on the weekends, right?"- and he's like," we are closed on the weekend". I said, "I'd like to throw a party here on the weekend when it's closed". And he looked around and said "that would be good".

I still really really like the idea of this spring earth mother goddess 'Persephone' with strings coming out her hands and they attach to baby collars (there's such a thing) and the babies are suspended from kites and it's all rolling fields and clouds and butterflies but, I used to get high a lot and my judgement is sketchy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I will state what I thought was obvious: I need to make "calls" to
thousands of machines to do something. I want to minimize the overhead
both of making the call and the machines sending back the responses.

Maybe you could start off a little bit further back into the problem
today. Like, "I got up this morning, and I thought, 'I would like some
toast.', but I don't know how to make toast, so I wanted to design a
100,000 node parallel neural network to develop a receipie for toast."

Perhaps then someone on this list could relate their toast development
experiences, such as "using a TCP-based tree topology similar to IRC
servers has been sufficient in my experience for toast-oriented data
exchange although I have been using a parallelized coordinated genetic
algorithm rather than a neural network to develop an optimal
crunch/warmth experience", or possibly "ToastVortex, my Twisted-basted
toast application server is available at" or better yet, "buy a toaster and put
some bread in it".

Friday, March 5, 2010

am I annoying yet

Random IM's/emails I've sent to the same person...

me‎‎ [10:17 AM]:
them‎‎ [10:17 AM]:
me‎‎ [10:17 AM]:
for the spring-
I was thinking of starting an MST dance crew
them‎‎ [10:17 AM]:
bah haha
me‎‎ [10:18 AM]:
it would be me, Ivan and Kelso and then you
them‎‎ [10:18 AM]:
haha what would this entail
me‎‎ [10:18 AM]:
that image kills me
we would basically toss you around a lot
them [10:18 AM]:


Nevermind that part where I said let’s wear the matching bib-overalls tomorrow.
it's a shame cause I had the perfect Birkenstocks.

Five days later...

I was going to suggest we wear the matching jumpers today but, mine is still wrinkled from last Friday.