Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mean (finish that thought)

I am awesome - 30

(but my friend isn't)

I would love to have…………. - 45

(a bigger picture)

Absolutely NO fear of commitment - 30

and sometimes
life throws punches
sending you reeling
and yeh
i'm sure afterwards i'll be stronger
but maybe i'm just tired
(i am)
of being strong
let alone going it alone
who wouldn't want consistency
and romance
all built upon
someone who really is
your best friend
besides life changes
the media
(media sucks)
and our society
doubles down
and reminds me
with the looming presence of valentines day
(grim reaper)
i want to be able to say
"i love you"
and feel it when i say it
have it returned
and feel appreciated
i've posted before
and it seems
what i desire
still eludes me
and why do i resort to posting
because my life is damn busy
working full time
grad school full time
PLUS i'm kinda over the bars and parties
don't value drinking
but value quality company
leaving me with my circle of friends
and there are no dating possibilities for me there
(they know me)
in thirty years of life
i've learned a lot of qualities
i want or prefer
in a relationship
and women
as well as facets i don't like or want
as far as physical goes
(no six toes)
i've found no predictive factor
and have swooned after MANY types of women
don't look like my mother or sister
don't have more than one chin
(losing me)
and at least have moments where you believe you can be attractive
i'll mention a short list
of deal breakers
-no smoking (pot or regular)
-no drugs (alcohol is ok just don't be a lush)
-no cat (don't dislike, just allergic)
-oh and don't have other guys, adding me as just one more to chose from
i only want one person romantically
i am stubborn
(and weird)
strongly value communication and a lot of it
very open and honest
a total cheese ball
(big finish)
love music, books, my dog, and my job
i'm far to cynical
to believe i'll find "the one" on here
and partially doubt i'll get a reasonable response
and each time i tell myself
it's the last time
but somehow
putting out a tiny bit of sincerity
and effort
(bring it back)
makes me feel just a tad less lonely
and just maybe
i'll have a smile later tonight
take care
(nuff said)

wives and boots

nice boots free. not much use out of them. my wife wont let me wear them. dam wives . they are black and brazilian. i paid 120 bucks for them. size 10 soft leather. if you really like them they are free if you want to be really nice bring me a case of pop
(cl post)

you where there (coder talk)

(9:14:41 PM) mdonohue: but good news
(9:14:48 PM) jmisra: yup definitely good news
(9:14:55 PM) mdonohue: there's an echo in the well

(9:19:14 PM) jmisra: well, to be honest i need a break and i don't want to do the last piece right now, so i will try to finish it before the call
(9:19:26 PM) mdonohue: 11-
(9:19:30 PM) jmisra: argh!
(9:19:46 PM) jmisra: was hoping for more time
(9:19:50 PM) mdonohue: but- I said we would have code when we could test
(9:19:50 PM) jmisra: i think i can probably do it
(9:20:00 PM) mdonohue: so think Wednesday
(9:20:14 PM) jmisra: ok so just touch base call tomorrow and then give code wednesday
(9:20:26 PM) mdonohue: yeah- answer questions
(9:20:28 PM) jmisra: okay
(9:20:30 PM) mdonohue: then we give code
(9:20:43 PM) jmisra: ok ulcer is on pause

(9:21:31 PM) mdonohue: just ate way too much pasta
(9:21:40 PM) mdonohue: if I don't get on a bike
(9:22:06 PM) jmisra: haha ok
(9:22:23 PM) jmisra: i copied an old version of the client to the box
(9:22:28 PM) mdonohue: cut my hair soccer hooligan short
(9:22:30 PM) jmisra: it doesn't listen to the right multicast
(9:22:37 PM) mdonohue: ok
(9:22:38 PM) jmisra: did you cut a design into it
(9:22:53 PM) mdonohue: no- there's thin spots for tats though
(9:23:06 PM) jmisra: haha
(9:23:30 PM) jmisra: i had mud coffee earlier and i think it had a fair dose of soap residue
(9:23:31 PM) mdonohue: not sure I should be near clippers on a sunday morning
(9:23:44 PM) jmisra: feeling crisp
(9:24:06 PM) mdonohue: I told you when I first moved in
(9:24:09 PM) jmisra: crisp in a bad way
(9:24:16 PM) mdonohue: I used an old exspresso maker for a week
(9:24:20 PM) mdonohue: or longer
(9:24:29 PM) mdonohue: till I pulled a mold plug out
(9:24:49 PM) mdonohue: that cleaned out the system

(2:52:10 PM) mdonohue: hola
(2:52:15 PM) jmisra: jola
(2:52:31 PM) mdonohue: got the bibary archive saving to db
(2:52:40 PM) mdonohue: or binary
(2:52:43 PM) jmisra: oh ok cool
(2:52:57 PM) mdonohue: would been easier if I wasn't a dope
(2:53:14 PM) jmisra: do you have that email john sent with his code
(2:53:14 PM) mdonohue: been making some boneheaded mistakes
(2:53:32 PM) mdonohue: no- just came back from the dark side of the moon
(2:53:42 PM) jmisra: ahh ok

(3:20:43 PM) mdonohue: some rain to clean this filthy hood
(3:21:13 PM) mdonohue: sometimes with Zoe I feel like I'm taking a dirty mop for a walk
(3:23:23 PM) jmisra: hahaha

(3:49:05 PM) jmisra: do you have a facebook profile too?
(3:49:44 PM) mdonohue: me- no way
(3:49:56 PM) mdonohue: not sure why I started the blog again
(3:50:02 PM) jmisra: chow and don kennedy do
(3:50:05 PM) jmisra: they found me
(3:50:32 PM) jmisra: i always end up deleting blogs pretty quickly, gave up participating in that idea
(3:50:51 PM) mdonohue: yeah- thats how I feel
(3:51:04 PM) mdonohue: pile-o-embarrassment
(3:51:31 PM) mdonohue: I going to do a tumblr one soon
(3:51:51 PM) mdonohue: just to track funny IM's

(4:19:13 PM) mdonohue: need smokes
(4:19:34 PM) jmisra: k
(4:20:11 PM) mdonohue: I found the pea coat is the best look for the new haircut- discharged crazy iraqi vet with a gun
(4:20:22 PM) mdonohue: backoff
(4:20:31 PM) jmisra: hahaha
(4:31:04 PM) jmisra: so do i have until tomorrow afternoon to get this c++ done
(4:44:38 PM) mdonohue: that doesn't mean it's gamers night
(4:45:08 PM) mdonohue: but yeah- me thinks
(5:07:14 PM) mdonohue: still working?
(5:08:59 PM) jmisra: taking a break for a moment

and you where there...



note to television

me: Ok- I hate on Malto Mario when he has the three dorks watching like they are getting a cooking lesson- and they ACTUALLY ASK A QUESTION 3:49 PM

me: note to television- we don't care!!! 3:50 PM

dr: by the way you now have me laughing out loud 3:50 PM

dr: and my co-worker! 3:50 PM

me: vent over 3:51 PM

dr: i like when your gramp side comes out ... were you actually bitching at the television? 3:52 PM

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I had to give my mom some computer help on the phone and she told me I was being surly. I told her the dog was going to get a beating after this call.

i have opinions

So, I'm reading this book and I can see where it's going like a million miles before the author plods there. I'm thinking to myself, is this really a book about man eating plants? No, can't be, that would be really lame. YES, IT'S A BOOK ABOUT MAN EATING PLANTS. Sounds scary huh? THE PLANTS ARE GOING TO EAT YOU!!! RUN BUT... YOU CAN'T- YOU"RE STUCK ON A HILL. That just gave the whole plot away.
Plus, I hate books or movies where the characters need a bath really really bad. That's way too distracting for my OCD.

man cave

Reply to: sale-549249741@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-23, 4:16PM CST

I've had this chair for about 8 years but it was in the library and was rarely used. My father had to move in with us we turned the library into a room for him. I love the chair but just don't have room or use for it anymore. I just think someone could get a lot of enjoyment from it.

From one of today’s finest furniture makers, Century Furniture, add this gently used soft leather club chair and ottoman to you family room, den or man cave. It’s true comfort and relaxation. Both chair and ottoman are detailed with aged brass nail heads.

Nothing is more luxurious, lasts longer or is more comfortable than sumptuous, supple, leather. Its distinctive aroma and soft hand make it the ultimate choice in fine furnishings. For centuries, fine homes and elegantly appointed libraries have featured the classic leather Club chair. No one offers more than Century.

The velvety hand of the pure aniline full top grain leather is the trademark of this category of leather. It is the leather industry’s equivalent to fine art or a rare diamond. Pure Aniline leather satisfies the most sophisticated consumer who will settle for nothing less than the best. Little is done to this hide other than to tumble it gently in an aniline dye drum. Pure aniline leather is the softest in the world, and of such superior quality that less than 5% of all hides available are suited for this category. Pure Aniline is full top grain, meaning that no corrections or alterations have been made to the top surface layer. You can see the hide’s natural markings, a testament to its purity.

Excellent condition with minor imperfections related to age.

Chair: 30" high x 36" wide x 45" deep
Ottoman: 14-1/2" high x 27-1/2" wide x 20-1/2" deep


Who writes an ad like that? It kills me.


Holly's never had sex-
nuff said.

friday poker

I won

Friday, January 25, 2008


BY NICK DOUGLAS AT 01/25/08 10:09 PM @princeCapsaicin: Seriously, did I miss the comment that made "Nick's Sock" a brilliant concept, or are you just pathetic?

@Nick Douglas: I guess brilliant in someone else's hands. Maybe, you need to come out from behind the bar less and just concentrate on serving strong drinks.


My bestest friend (whom I've never met) sent me a picture of her furrowed brows to match mine. I didn't look at it because, what if it wasn't becoming? What to say.
So, I ignored it- untill she IM'ed later 'please delete'. Well.. You gotta look at something you're going to delete. So, I look... and it's quite cute and charming.
In facto- beautifull eyes (lookies).
(I don't delete it)
She IM's- "don't put that in a folder with the 'random CL People'".
I reply- "random CL People?"
me- "No- It's in my brow folder"
me- "next to clavicles"
She's gonna be pissed when she see's this.

wait, what's this? -