Friday, December 18, 2015

twin draft guard extreme door guard as seen ontv

Question: How about them windows?
Answer: Them windows, so distant, so hard to know. I remember once, way back, talking to them windows as they sat on the steps at the end of the day, smoking a cigarette and looking at nothing in particular. "Hey," I said, cautious but loud enough for them to here. "You look lonely." Them windows turned to me, and laughed. "We look? No, my friend. We do not look. Others just look through us. Like we are air." And that was it, that was all they said. Years later, driving home for the holidays, I saw them windows at a roadside cafe. They were dirtier than I remembered, fat streaks of some crusted film lashed across their frontsides. The years hadn't been kind. But, just then, I thought I saw the faintest of smiles. Now, I thought, at least, people couldn't just look through them. People had to stop, adjust, and notice. But if that is what them windows were thinking, I'll never know. I had things to do, and the sun had already started to set. Also, if you put the door guard at the bottom of a window that might help a little bit, but it won't create a perfect seal. The styrofoam is porous, so outside wind can still come through, and the fabric isn't meant to withstand the elements. Better off looking for something plastic. see less By hb on January 2, 2014 See more answers (2)

Monday, April 27, 2015

node junk

HTTP interceptor for testing web requests: nock Git - fix when your branch goes headless. git commit -m "....." git branch my-temporary-work git checkout master git merge my-temporary-work