Saturday, May 31, 2008

notes from a grocery store

Sometimes, you can really fall for that person in line ahead of you.
Until you realize she's buying Edy's Dibs and a 'buttery' mash potato mix (honey-you can't make mashed potatoes, and you really eat Dib's?).
Then you look down at your purchases- A 750ml bottle of Vodka, a pint of no-pulp OJ, two liters of tonic, a pack of smokes and some chicken wings. Then you realize- umm, you're no prize yourself.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I drink your milkshake

There's much bravado in poker- but, this takes the cake...
zidaane: roll up in your sleeping bags and let the bear feed.

nuff said... (course I won- how can you not win when you spout shit that good)

Sometimes- I really understand poker on another level. And I just know I'll win.
It's like I'm playing with three year olds. Other times, I'm fuzzy and make anxious mistsakes and it's like I'm a tourist in New York- wondering who's gonna jack me.
Cause, I know I'm gonna get jacked. Thats what I love about poker- sometimes you're the wolf and othertimes you're the sheep. It's like life lessons with money.

jigp1015: OUCHHH
zidaane: ace rag ha
jigp1015: lol
zidaane: play that in the free tourney
jigp1015: nha its coo let him play that in here
zidaane: my jibbity transcribers broke
zidaane: but- yeah- anyone else play that
jigp1015: wats a jibbity transcriber?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

big hair

it only pains me because I had no-one at his age to tell me the robert plant hair was a no go

Friday, May 23, 2008

notes from a grocery store

If you have 'boy band' hair, and aren't actually in a 'boy band' and are in fact, maybe to old to be in a 'boy band'- you look fucking rediculous.
If- you are in fact - in a 'boy band'. "Hey- I saw you at the Dominicks!".

nuff said...

whiskey dens

When I got off my elevator, the hallway had this sweat vanilla bean coco butter tanned ass smell. I was thinking to myself- "boy- that's pleasant"- untill I got closer to my door, and wondered if the rotting dog ear, ashtray strewn whiskey den odor of my place may have seeped into the hallway and others would notice?
Oh dear...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My mom needs to get into an Ovarian cancer clinical trial but, her doctor thinks she may not be fit enough to be accepted.

Phone call 9AM:
Me- "When you show up for your first appointement... you should wear a tracksuit."
"With a headband..."
"And some brand new Nikes..."
Mom- "Yeah, and about three cups of coffee."
Me- "And a tennis racket slung over your shoulder."
Mom- (dryly) "Yeah, Yeah, that should work."

your momma got hip

"I'm gonna dig you on a scooby doo" is my new favorite phrase.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Caught 'Storm on Everest' again last night and was looking up Everest junk online.
There's a great collection of photos from the Brittish's 3rd attempt where Mallory disapeared (his body was found in 1999- the first picture is the clothes found on his body).
The thing I found interesting in these first two pic's (Mallory is in middle of second photo) are the clothes they wore. They're tailored clothes from L.L. Bean which, is pretty amazing.
The last photo I really like- cause who's packing white shoes for an Everest climb these days but, I'm sure that was standard Brittish expedition packing then.
You can't wear trekking boots on an oceanliner.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

paranoid saturday

Yeah it was a nice day out but, I'd much rather read about terminator seed technology and herbicide friendly rice in our food supply.
(the dude in the hasmat suit is with greenpeace- they are the main org that checks crops for contamination. otherwise you'd never hear about it)

worst ways to die addendum

Add this:

"I thought, 'he's eating my brains.' I knew it was happening," Case recalled.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

themes in death metal

Great article here- care of alex balk

"We understand why so feeble a culture hates true art," Nietzche wrote in The Birth of Tragedy. "It fears destruction thereby." The feeble can have their pretty, polished strains. I'll take apotheosis and guided tours of hell over that any day.

I sorta imagine these death metal guys being like hockey players, whose jobs are so violent (real or perceived), that when they get home, they just want to cuddle. They're not looking for the wife to be coming at them down a hallway with a hockey stick and having to forearm check her into the pantry doors. I could be wrong. That said- It's kinda hard to imagine the death groupy getting all excited about jumping on one these guys tour buses. Course- I think the death groupy scene is mostly dudes, so deuece creepy.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Looking forward to this show about 70's era suburban swingers in Winnetka.

I have a weird fondness for basement bars and had one particular friend who's parents were know for throwing a rowdy Saturday night couple fest in their shagged out basement bar. I think his dad's look was facial hair, big belt buckle and open collared shirt with some gold chains. She was sorta 'biker chic buy's a house' slinky. I used to look at that basement and try to wonder just what the hell was going on down there? My mother never even talked to a neighbor lest they get details of the secretness going on at our house. The concept of having your neighbors over and drinking in the basement seemed otherworldly. Needless to say my friends parents were DIVORCED pretty soon after!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

missed connects

law office crush - m4w - 33 (loop)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-09, 6:22PM CDT

While it would have been inappropriate given both of our situations and the topic of conversation, but I was dying to kiss you as we spoke in my office this afternoon.
(PS. I'll totally tank my clients divorce- no worries)


(Was it a wheatgrass shirt with cornstalk pants? Yeah- that was me...)

Skyler - m4w - 27 (North Center)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-09, 11:47AM CDT

Ok, so my name is not Rufino.

(It's Juan, and I don't own a Triumph Spitfire either or have 30 cats.)