Friday, May 30, 2008

I drink your milkshake

There's much bravado in poker- but, this takes the cake...
zidaane: roll up in your sleeping bags and let the bear feed.

nuff said... (course I won- how can you not win when you spout shit that good)

Sometimes- I really understand poker on another level. And I just know I'll win.
It's like I'm playing with three year olds. Other times, I'm fuzzy and make anxious mistsakes and it's like I'm a tourist in New York- wondering who's gonna jack me.
Cause, I know I'm gonna get jacked. Thats what I love about poker- sometimes you're the wolf and othertimes you're the sheep. It's like life lessons with money.

jigp1015: OUCHHH
zidaane: ace rag ha
jigp1015: lol
zidaane: play that in the free tourney
jigp1015: nha its coo let him play that in here
zidaane: my jibbity transcribers broke
zidaane: but- yeah- anyone else play that
jigp1015: wats a jibbity transcriber?

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