Friday, October 5, 2012

winter hoss

Picked up this old 1981 Sports Tourer Schwinn for $60. I like the colors even though it was way more beat than I could tell from the CL photo (first pic). I love the deep red on black.

I missed riding a steel frame bike after 7 years on an Aluminum bike. In the off chance I hit a car, I'd like to at least put a dent in it. It never feels like there's anything under you with an aluminum bike.

Second pic is 5 hours post purchase when I cleaned it up and threw my wheels and pedals on it. Took for a ride and I like it. Going to ride it without brakes for a bit until I get some new parts. The old center pull breaks have built in reflectors which is a no go for me. This is one of those old monster tall bikes you don't see a lot of. You need a 36" inseam to stand over the crossbar and once on the seat you can barely tippie toe the ground.

fall colors

You know it's Fall when the hair extensions start falling.