Saturday, May 30, 2009

nobody does it better

You don't really think of Thom Yorke as a singer and this is not a song I would pull off a karaoke machine so, it's impressive how much he owns it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

volcanic winters

RandomLunatic 8:07 AM When I'm trudging across the arctic wastes of Texas during the next volcanically-induced worldwide winter, fighting off a supercharged case of H1N1 as my pack dogs die around me, this is what I will remember.

princeCapsaicin 8:58 AM
@RandomLunatic: What's a good breed for a volcanic winter? I have a Wirefox that's pretty good at tracking rodents but my tent is only rated three seasons.

Motoko Kusanagi 9:07 AM
@princeCapsaicin: You want a barkless breed, because your biggest issue will be the zombie mobs.

The Lone Scout 9:25 AM
@Motoko Kusanagi: Well, I beg to differ--the first rule is "stay warm, stay dry," so I recommend a sleeping bag liner and an insulated ground pad, since his tent is only three-season. Anyway, if RandomLunatic uses common sense and hangs his food in a bear bag 150 feet from his tent, he probably won't have to worry about zombies.

RandomLunatic 9:27 AM
@The Lone Scout: I ALWAYS worry about zombies.