Monday, February 22, 2010

patti smith - book signing at the harold washington

I was a little late by about 800 people.
She was the sweetest looking person ever and the crowd was fascinating.
I was just returning books and was like 'who are all these rockers?'.
The group (woman and two gents) in front of me in line had an English/NYC rocker look and it becomes apparent to me this tiny dude with them is staring at me. So, you look and confirm yes- I'm being stared at.
And then you have to consciously not acknowledge back the stare or it gets uncomfortable as you occupy the same 5 ft of waiting in line space for the next half hour. So, I was projecting this "I am not returning your 'gaze', I'm just waiting in line and looking forward as per the standard line protocol as you stand sideways and keep eyeballing me" vibe.
A girl getting her book signed offers Patti a pin with red feathers and she instantly puts it on her lapel. My work camera fails me. She sips some tea from a special ceramic cup with it's own matching lid. Does she bring this? Everyone gets the nicest smile no matter how many items they want signed. She asks someone else if he made his own fingerless gloves (I know this dude from 20 years ago at Exit nightclub). He says yes and floats away but then I see him back in line again. For what I don't know. More Patti I presume. I bought the pre-autographed book. Her signature, not something I would really attribute to her. It's fantastic. I don't see her name in there anywhere and it's hard to tell a human did it. When I bring it home, Nick and I turn the book sideways and angled to see the signature in some kind of perspective that makes sense. I look at the cover and see it has a weird smerge imprint of some machine. I realize this autographed book is probably worthless. I don't care much. I saw Patti Smith.