Saturday, May 31, 2008

notes from a grocery store

Sometimes, you can really fall for that person in line ahead of you.
Until you realize she's buying Edy's Dibs and a 'buttery' mash potato mix (honey-you can't make mashed potatoes, and you really eat Dib's?).
Then you look down at your purchases- A 750ml bottle of Vodka, a pint of no-pulp OJ, two liters of tonic, a pack of smokes and some chicken wings. Then you realize- umm, you're no prize yourself.


proswell said...

When you are judging yourself against someone buying instant mashed potatoes, you are the prize. It's a fundamental rule of prejudice.

Matt said...

dealbreaker always

Matt said...

I should say- she was literally just buying that- Dibs and instant mash? so wierd.