Friday, February 7, 2014


I was spending a weekend in Michigan with my boss and work friends and while eating lunch Rob and Pam went across the street to a store for candy (I think)?

When they came back they said something like they had a gift for me or something I would really like and basically acted like it would be life changing.

That created some awkward anticipation like moment before they finally pulled out this giant lighter. I really didn't get it at first but they explained they thought I could use it to meet someone. Like an ice breaker. This was pretty funny and we couldn't stop laughing. I said I didn't think I could suddenly become a prop comic. It didn't fit my nature and I didn't think I could pull it off.

I just found that lighter a week back as it somehow ended up in my bathroom and I happened to need a lighter while in my bathroom. I think I was too aggressive with it though and I ended up breaking the sparking part.

Nick and I were watching the Sochi opening ceremony tonight and Nick noted the torch was weird. Disturbingly modern. He said it looked like a vacum cleaner which, it does. Or a kick ass hair dryer, I said. Nick thought they should use something really old looking. He wanted something like a 200 year old log and I suggested the jaw bone of an ass would look pretty old school.

Then I got curious and started looking up old US Olympic torches to see how modern looking they were. Turns out you can buy one if you want. I then I started to think how cool would I look at a concert if I pulled out a 1996 Atlanta Summer games torch?

This photo is surreal.

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