Monday, March 28, 2011

us mens national soccer team

(photo by Bill Menzel)

You can see the huge size difference between Argentina and the US soccer team. The Argentine goalie (Mariano Gonzalo Andújar) is 6' 4" and Tim Howard is 6' 5". No one on that Argentina team is close to the goalies size. They maybe average 5' 8".

I wonder if the other team ever thinks, "Man, those dudes are huge".
You always see this when the US and any other team (besides mabye Ghana) are side by side in the tunnel before they walk out to the pitch. The US team looks gigantor and you see the other team steal glances over like "WTF". They don't talk about this much but at some point a big team that's constantly knocking into you or running you over all first half will get some vanilla in the second half. Sure, your game for the first couple bruises but, after that you loose a step. No one wants to get run over by a horse twice. Soccer is mostly grace and skill but at some point power and will trump that.

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