Monday, January 11, 2010

thunderbolt ski run



Course Record: 2 min. 8 sec., set by Per Klippgen in
the 1948 Eastern Downhill Championship Race.

I'll be stopping by the Salvation Army this week if you need me to pick up some ski's and bindings.
I prefer to set the record in pre 1950's equipment under $20.

This is the hotel I would want to stay at: Porches

Follow up:

I think we can use the kids as sherpas so, don't worry that the old ski's and boot's are heavy.

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TJ Donohue said...

Let me guesss, O'Conner was time keeping, and I can tell you what he was drinking. I made the same run in 1'18"32.8ec, all things being equal, where I made my run in early June, I would say my time was better given the lack of snow.

No boots, no skies, just a cardboard box from the dumpster. I'll keep my eyes open for a good box for a Winter run...